orthodontics treatment services dublin 7

Are you looking for an affordable Orthodontic Treatment (Dental Braces) in Dublin ? Want to straighten your teeth and smile again with confidence? At St Peter’s Square Dental Surgery in Phibsboro, Dublin 7 we offer you and your family a comprehensive orthodontic treatment tailored to your needs. After a full dental examination we can determinate if you need orthodontic  treatment and advise you what are the best options for you.

Dental braces are used to address  problems such as: crowded teeth, jaw & teeth problems, minor speech problems, improve dental health, crooked (misaligned) teeth, bite problems, improve smile and many more. Usually the treatment should begin between 7 and 14 years of age  as there the head and the mouth is still growing and it’s easier to straighten the teeth. However, more and more adults wear dental braces to correct minor dental problems and smile again with confidence.

Dental braces come in different varieties such as: brackets (ceramic, plastic, metal), lingual (concealed ) that are attached to the back of the teeth and the invisible braces (aligners) that are removable and the main advantage is that they do not trap plaque or food between teeth. They can also be removed them when brushing teeth, flossing, eating, etc.

To determine what type of dental braces you’ll need it’s essential to book a consultation with one of our orthodontic specialists at 01-850 0033, in our clinic at 7a St Peter’s Square Dental Surgery, Phibsboro Road, Dublin 7 or email us at info@dentistireland.ie . We offer a flexible payment plan with prices starting from €1500.


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