Dental implantation is the process of replacing missing teeth or teeth that cannot be saved due to decay periodontitis,  accidents, etc.  Dental Implants can range from single-tooth replacement to a complete upper and lower arch replacement. At St Peter’s Square Dental Surgery we use only high quality materials for our Tooth Implants ensuring that you are in safe hands. With many years of experience and proficiency in Dental Surgery, our Dental Surgery Specialists delivers a high quality experience from start to finish.

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Dental Implants

Dental implants are made of very strong materials such as titanium. The small titanium posts are placed through surgical operation into the jawbone where natural teeth are missing. Then the bone bonds with the titanium, creating a strong structure for artificial teeth. The crowns that surround the implants are usually made of superior porcelain fused to precious metals such as gold. Along with good function, implant-supported teeth are designed to look like natural teeth both to you and to others. Tooth  implants can help preserve facial structure, preventing the bone degradation that occurs when teeth are missing.

With dental implants, you know your teeth are stable and strong while eating, and you are able to speak, smile, laugh and enjoy life with confidence always. If you are looking for quality dental implant services in Dublin 7 look no further than Peter’s Square Dental Surgery. First step is to book a free consultation with our dental  specialists where you will get an answer to your questions or concerns regarding of the dental implantation process. Then you will be assessed and told what type of treatment is suitable for you. The assessment process may include: Oral Examinations, X-ray – OPG, Photographs, Study Models, Treatment Plans if none of them were previously undergone.  To  contact us please call (01) 850 0033 or email at info(at)dentist

 Prices Starts from €975 (crown included)

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